Do you owe money to Advantis?

If you have debts a total debt of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

What is Advantis Credit?

Advantis Credit are a debt collection agency that has been operating since 2004. Their head office is in Stoke-on-Trent in the UK. They pride themselves collecting debts in a way that is compliant and ethical.

If you’ve received a letter, phone calls or a visit from Advantis debt collectors, then we are here to support you. You can contact our team to connect with free debt advice by calling 0330 122 8447 or clicking ‘Get Started For Free’.

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Are Advantis Credit legitimate?

Yes. Advantis Credit are a legitimate company that is registered in England and Wales with the following details:

  • Company Registration Number: 5223252
  • Registered Office Address: Floor 9 Peninsular House, 30-36 Monument Street, London, England, EC3R 8LJ

Advantis Credit are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They are a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA).

Why are Advantis calling me?

If you’ve heard from Advantis, or received threats, it’s because they believe you have an unpaid debt with one of the creditors they collect for. For example, if you have not paid your electricity bills, Advantis Credit debt collectors may be in touch.

What if I don’t owe this money to Advantis debt collectors?

If you don’t recognise the debt that Advantis Credit mention in their letters then you can ask them to provide proof that the debt is in your name, including details of which business initially claimed that you owed them money.

Equally, if a bailiff visits your address, looking for a debtor who was a previous resident, you need to inform them that the individual no longer lives there and that chasing you is a mistake. You may have to show ID to prove your identity, before Advantis debt collectors will remove the address from their debt collection process.

What debts do Advantis Credit collect?

Advantis collect debts for a range of utilities companies, retailers and other bodies, including:

  • Next
  • Severn Trent Water
  • British Gas
  • BT
  • Thames Water
  • Vodafone
  • Government bodies

If you have unpaid accounts with one of these organisations, then you may hear from Advantis Credit agents.

How should I contact Advantis Credit?

If you are comfortable dealing with Advantis Credit directly then you can contact them in one of the following ways:

  • Contact Number: 01782 971 346 (01782 401125 appears to be one of the numbers they use to chase debtors)
  • Email:
  • Post: Advantis Credit Ltd, Minton Hollins Building, Shelton Old Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, United Kingdom, ST4 7RY
  • Website:

Should I pay Advantis Credit?

The quickest way to be free from Advantis debt collection is to pay their debt collectors the money that you owe. Consider taking the following steps:

  • Check that the debt is yours, that it is recent and appears to be for the right amount. You may find your creditors have added a charge or an interest rate at some stage.
  • If you don’t recognise the debt, ask them to provide evidence that you owe the money.
  • If you have the money, the easiest way to break ties with debt collection agencies is to pay in full.
  • If you don’t have the money to pay off your debt in full, you can request a debt payment plan.

However, if you are struggling with debts from multiple creditors, and can’t afford all of your debt payments, you can consider other debt management options. Click ‘Get Started For Free’ for more information.

Don’t ignore letters from Advantis debt collection or visits from their debt collectors. Your situation will only get worse. Reach out to us for free information and support when dealing with debt collectors.

What if I don’t have the money to pay my debt with Advantis debt collection in full?

Advantis debt collection will typically first contact you with a letter that explains your debt is in now in their debt collection process. It will explain the debt balance that they believe you owe, giving you a short period of time, typically seven days, to repay in full.

This correspondence can be an extremely concerning experience if you do not have the money to pay. You can try speaking to Advantis debt collection to order to see if they will consider a monthly debt repayment plan that is affordable for your budget. Alternatively, you can contact IVA Online on 0330 122 8447 to see if we can deal with Advantis debt collection on your behalf.

How can I make a payment towards my debt with Advantis debt collection?

If you recognise the type of debt and the amount that Advantis debt collection are chasing you for, then you can make a payment through the following methods:

  • Bank transfer
  • Debit card
  • Credit card
  • Pingit
  • Direct debit

Debt collection agencies are always happy to receive a full lump sum debt settlement, and they will quite often agree to a monthly debt repayment plan.

Advantis repossession

How can I stop Advantis debt collection from calling me?

The Advantis debt collection process is very persistent. Their collectors may receive a bonus based on the amount of funds they collect from debtors.

Advantis debt collection typically will not leave you alone until you have either paid the balance in full, or agreed a repayment plan, or appointed a debt management company to deal with them on your behalf.

Will Advantis Credit take me to court?

Yes, if you ignore communications from Advantis Credit, as well as visits from debt collectors, and you do not come to an agreement on how to repay your account. In these cases, the debt collection process may escalate to court action.

Advantis debt collectors may ask the court to grant a County Court Judgement (CCJ) to force you to recognise your debt legally. If you decide to dispute the allegations at this stage, then you will need strong proof that the debt does not belong to you. A County Court Judgement will stay on your credit file for six years unless you pay your balance in full within the 30-day deadline. It will also negatively impact your ability to apply for further credit.

Do not let the Advantis debt collection process progress this to stage. Contact us on 0330 122 8447 or click ‘Get Started For Free’ and we’ll do our best to deal with the debt collectors on your behalf.

Can Advantis threaten me with prison because of my debt?

No. Debt collection companies like Advantis are not allowed to make false claims by law. They have no power to issue a warrant for your arrest or to send you to jail if you owe money. However, they do have powers to take legal action through the courts if you don’t follow the terms that they outline in their letters.

Will Advantis Credit send bailiffs?

Advantis Credit may send debt collectors, rather than bailiffs, in earlier stages of their debt collection process, to visit you at home to discuss your plans for repaying your debt.

Bailiffs, or enforcement agents, typically visit after a debt has gone to court. However, Advantis Credit collect outstanding monies for HMRC and bailiffs can visit, and use reasonable force to gain entry to your property, if they are collecting unpaid income tax. In normal circumstances using reasonable force involves entering with the services of a locksmith, or through an open door or window.


What rights do I have if Advantis Credit send bailiffs?

Dealing with bailiffs, also known as enforcement agents, can be a frightening process, especially if you don’t know your rights. If a debt collection company sends a bailiff, then you have the right to do the following:

  • Call the police if you feel in physical danger from the enforcement agent.
  • Ask the bailiff to show their ID and proof of your debt. You can do this through a closed window if you are not comfortable opening the door.
  • You can ask the enforcement agent to phone you, rather than opening the door to speak to them.
  • You don’t have to let them in.
  • You should not receive visits between 9 pm and 6 am, and bailiffs can’t enter if only children are present.
  • They can not speak to your neighbours, friends, family, or other parties about your debt without violating the Data Protection Act.

If you are facing visits from bailiffs or Advantis debt collectors, we recommend that you do not leave any assets of value outside of your property and that you don’t let the enforcement agents into your property. Advantis Credit may add additional fees or charges to your total debt amount for each visit, so you should not disregard these visits.

If you would like our support to deal with doorstep collectors, you are welcome to call us or click ‘Get Started For Free’. We have years of experience in dealing with debt collection agencies and their collection tactics. We connect as many people as possible with the free debt advice they need to improve their situation.

What possessions will Advantis debt collection take?

Bailiffs typically look for high-value items that are most likely to sell at public auction, such as electronics, cars and jewellery. They often seize any assets that are left outside of a property when enforcement agents visit. If you let them into your property, they will make a list of high-value items to take at a later date if you do not pay up on time.

There are specific items that they are not allowed to take, such as:

  • Essential kitchen appliances
  • Bedding
  • Essential clothing
  • Items essential to care for children and the vulnerable
  • Items that don’t belong to you, although you must prove this
  • Items that are essential to your work up to a specific value.

Do Advantis work for HMRC?

Yes. Advantis Credit operate debt collections services for HMRC to collect unpaid taxes, and tax credit overpayments.

Do Advantis have a good reputation?

At the time of writing, Advantis Credit have a poor review score of 1.8 out of five from the independent customer reviews posted on Trustpilot. The negative comments include allegations of bullying tactics, rude staff members, and chasing debts that people did not think were valid. A couple of clients have posted more positive feedback about their service.

How can I make a complaint about Advantis Credit?

Sadly, many of the people who approach us for support with their debt repayments have had negative experiences with debt collectors. A quick Google search will unearth an article or two, many cases of negative customer feedback and even TV documentaries about the issues with this industry.

If you are unhappy with how Advantis Credit have handled your case, then you can complain through the following channels:

  • By Phone: 01782 401100
  • By post:   Advantis Credit Ltd – Complaints Department, Minton Hollins Building, Shelton Old Road, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, ST4 7RY
  • By email:

Remember to quote your reference number on correspondence with Advantis debt collection, and to keep a copy of any mail that you send to them.

What if I don’t accept Advantis Credit’s response to my complaint?

If Advantis debt collection do not handle your complaint to your satisfaction, then you have the right to escalate it.

You can escalate complaints about products that are subject to a credit agreement to the Financial Ombudsman Service, also known as the FOS. The OFT are no longer involved in this process. You can contact the FOS through the following channels:

If your complaint relates to a debt with a utility company or a government body, you can escalate it to the Credit Services Association, in one of the following ways:

  •  Website:
  • By post: 2 Esh Plaza, Sir Bobby Robson Way, Great Park, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, NE13 9BA.
  • By phone: 0191 217 0775

What bodies regulate Advantis Credit?

Advantis Credit are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.

What are debt collectors allowed to do by law?

Debt collectors such as Advantis debt collection have numerous rights under the law, including:

  • They can call you on phone numbers that they believe you have access to, multiple times of day.
  • They can send agents to your home to discuss how you will pay your debt, but you do not have to let them in, and you can ask them to leave.
  • They can send you letters asking for payment.
  • They can take you to court if you fail to communicate with them and do not agree on a repayment plan for your debts that sees them receiving at least part of the money.

When you are dealing with debt collectors, it can quickly feel like your life is spiralling out of control. In fact, you generally have multiple things that you can do. You can chat with a member of our team on 0330 122 8447 or click ‘Get Started For Free’ to make an enquiry about your options.

What are my rights?

You have the following rights when dealing with Advantis:

  • You should not feel threatened, physically or verbally abused.
  • You should not receive visits from enforcement agents between 9 pm and 6 am.
  • You do not have to let their agents into your home.
  • You can ask for proof that the debts they are chasing belong to you.
  • You can ask for an affordable payment plan arrangement, but they don’t have to accept it.
  • You can appoint a debt management company, such as a company that organises IVAs, to represent you and deal with the collectors on your behalf.
  • Bailiffs can not seize certain essential items such as bedding, kitchen appliances and vital items for your work.
  • The Data Protection Act stops them from talking to other people about your debt.

Can I make Advantis Credit write off my debt?

Advantis Credit work hard to collect as many payments from their debtors as possible. They use sophisticated technology to keep track of who owes them money, and Advantis debt collectors are persistent when chasing debtors for payment.

If you have debt with two or more creditors, and your total unsecured debts exceed £5,000, then you may qualify for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). Through an IVA, it is possible to write off a proportion of your debt based upon how much you can afford over five years. An Insolvency Practitioner would work with any debt collection agencies that are chasing you, and your other creditors, to come to an agreement, after which stage you will not have to deal with them directly.

To find out if you qualify for an IVA, click ‘Get Started For Free’ and someone from our experienced team will be in touch to assist you with your debt problems.

What support is available to me to deal with Advantis debt collectors?

At IVA Online, we have a significant amount of experience and expertise in dealing with debt collection agencies such as AdvantisCredit. We understand their tactics and the guidelines that they have to follow.

If you have a question that we can help to answer, or if you’d like our support to deal with Advantis debt collection then you can call us on 0330 122 8447, or you can click ‘Get Started For Free’ to fill in a short form that helps us to identify the best debt solution for you.

Thousands of people get into trouble with debt collectors like Advantis debt collection. We can support you with free information and guide you to understand the options available to you.

What is a County Court Judgement?

A County Court Judgement (CCJ) is a legally binding decision that makes you take responsibility for an unpaid debt that has been chased by debt collectors or another creditor. In effect, it’s the legal process of ensuring you pay, either in full or instalments, depending on your financial situation.

What impact does a CCJ have on my credit rating?

Unless you pay a County Court Judgement within 30 days, it will stay on your credit file for six years. The CCJ will make it very difficult to secure additional credit, for example, if you need a mortgage to buy a house.

What if I ignore a CCJ?

It’s likely that you will receive a visit from enforcement agents who will want to take your possessions to auction to repay what you owe.

Do Advantis Debt Collection work with the DVLA?

Yes Avantis debt collectors help the DVLA to collect fines, for example, where a vehicle has not been taxed or declared as off-road.

What is the best email address to use for Advantis debt collection?

You can reach them on Remember to keep a record of all of the contact you have with the company.

How do debt collection agencies make money collecting my debt?

Debt collection businesses typically make a profit when they buy a portfolio of debt for much less than the face value of the debts. They then have permission to collect the debts from the customers of the creditor. In some cases, they may add interest to the debt balances or charge for specific debt collection items such as visits from enforcement agents.

In the case of Advantis, they make money collecting for other companies, rather than purchasing a portfolio. They are likely to receive fees or a commission for the amounts they recover.

Their staff made may be paid a bonus based upon the amount of money they recoup on each debt account they handle. This tactic encourages the debt collectors to be persistent throughout the collection process.

How do I know what debt payment I can afford?

It’s good practice to start by writing out a budget. You can find tools online that help you to list your income – the money you earn at work, and your expenditure, such as rent, food, electricity, essential clothing, transport etc. It’s important to list everything that you need to pay each month to get an accurate picture of what amount you have left to contribute towards debts.

If you are struggling to afford payments, then reach out to a member of our team who will be happy to point you in the right direction. Click ‘Get Started For Free’. We treat each person who comes to us as an individual and in a respectful and caring manner.

When you are struggling financially, it can feel like no one thing will help. Rest assured that in our experience there is often a lot you can do.

Can someone else deal with Advantis on my behalf?

Yes, you can appoint a debt management company to deal with your creditors for you. Click ‘Get Started For Free’ and note down your circumstances in the short form. A member of our team will be in touch to let you know your options.

Can Advantis threaten me?

Sadly despite the law, many of the tactics that these companies use seem to rely on intimidation from the tone of the calls they make, the style of their letters, to the people they send to visit you. You should not have to feel threatened, bullied, verbally abused or physically abused by their collection methods.

Is my debt too old to collect?

The Limitation Act 1980 gives timescales for companies to collect debts before they become statute barred. In England and Wales, this is typically six years for most common consumer debts. If you have not acknowledged the debt in this period, received notice of court action, or made a payment, then it is difficult for the company to pursue you for payment.

Who is Mark Webb?

Mark Webb is the CEO of Advantis.


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