Do you owe money to Capquest Debt Recovery?

If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

What is Capquest?

Capquest are a debt collection business that is based in Glasgow in the UK. It is part of the Arrow Global Group. The company began in 1985 so it has a long history in the debt collection industry.

If you’ve received a letter, calls or a visit from Capquest about a debt, it can be very frightening. We work with people across the UK to help them to gain control of their finances. 

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What debts does Capquest debt recovery work with?

Capquest work with a range of clients including:

  • High street lenders
  • Credit card companies
  • Banks
  • Vehicle finance companies
  • Mobile phone operators
  • Catalogues
  • Other businesses that lend to individuals

If you owe money to one of these organisations, then Capquest debt recovery may be in contact with you.

Are Capquest legit?

Yes Capquest is the trading name for two companies that are registered at Companies House in England and Wales and owned by Arrow Global Group. The official details of these companies are:

  • Company Name: Capquest Investments Limited
  • Company Number: 05245825
  • Registered Office Address: Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester M2 4AW
  • Company Name: Capquest Debt Recovery Limited
  • Company Registration Number: 03772278
  • Registered Offices: Belvedere, 12 Booth Street, Manchester, M2 4AW

Capquest Debt Recovery Limited and Arrow Global Limited (AGL) are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. AGL is on the Financial Services Register under number 718754, and Capquest debt recovery is under number 721513.

How do Capquest debt recovery contact anyone who owes money?

In the beginning, Capquest debt recovery, like others in the industry, tend to send letters and make phone calls to get your attention. These communications often have the effect of scaring the person who receives them into making contact due to the threat of legal action.

If you receive this type of communication, take a careful look at the body of the message section by section. It’s vital to be sure that the money the collectors are chasing relates to you. You can contact us on ‘Get Started For Free’ for an overview of the things you can do, step by step, to get the situation under control.

Capquest debt collectors

Why has Capquest contacted me?

If you’ve received communications from Capquest debt recovery it’s likely to be for two reasons:

  • Capquest have bought a debt that you owe another company, for example, perhaps you have defaulted on a credit card with a financial services business.
  • Caquest are collecting money on behalf of a company that you owe money to. 

In either case, it is best not to ignore these communications because the debt collection process will escalate, and you could face court action. For free support, click ‘Get Started For Free’.

Should I pay Capquest debt recovery?

If you recognise the items and the amount that Capquest debt recovery are chasing you for then the easiest way to get the debt collectors out of your life is to pay the money you owe, if you can afford to do so.

If you can’t afford to repay your debt in full, you can offer to pay with a debt repayment plan. Keep in mind that their primary focus is to make a profit on your account.

If you are struggling to meet repayments for a range of creditors, then you may benefit from some debt advice. Click ‘Get Started For Free’ to connect with one of our debt experts. They will be happy to let you know your options.

Capquest bailiffs

What will happen if I ignore my debts with Capquest debt recovery?

We do not recommend this approach. Capquest will do everything in their power to collect on the terms of your credit agreement or other debt, in order to make a profit on the debt they have purchased, or to gain higher fees from institutions that they provide collections services for.

Under debt collection rules, Capquest can use frequent communication to encourage everyone who owes money to pay up, as well as the threat of court action if you are not responsive.

If you are in a difficult place with a debt provider or collector, you are welcome to reach out to us for tips. We aim to equip every person who contacts us with the info they need to change their situation positively.

What payment methods do Capquest debt recovery accept?

Capquest welcome a variety of payment methods:

  • Credit cards
  • Debit card
  • Cheque
  • Direct debit
  • Standing order
  • Internet banking – bank transfer

Capquest prefer that you do not send money them in the form of cash in the post. If you’d like to make a payment through a method that is not in this list, then please check with Capquest first.

They will accept a lump sum payment for your account, and you can ask for them to consider an instalment plan.

What if Capquest debt recovery are chasing me for a debt that isn’t mine?

If you receive letters, phone calls or visits from debt collectors about debts that do not belong to you, then it’s essential to inform Capquest debt recovery as soon as possible. This action will hopefully prevent the debt collection process from escalating. If the debt relates to a previous resident of your address, then you may have to show ID to provide your identity before they will remove your address from their collection database.

Debt Collectors from Capquest

Do Arrow Global take you to court?

If you ignore communications from Capquest debt recovery or Arrow Global, then they may take you to court. They may decide to file for a County Court Judgement (CCJ). A CCJ is a method of getting you to take legal responsibility for your debt and may result in the court ordering you to pay the debt as a lump sum or with a payment plan. With a CCJ you have 30 days to pay your debt in full before the CCJ goes on your credit report for six years.

Can Capquest send bailiffs?

Debt collectors such as Capquest debt recovery will often send a bailiff after court proceedings. However, a debt collection company that is collecting income tax for HMRC, stamp duty or criminal fines can send bailiffs before court action.

You should receive notice that bailiffs will be visiting you, and the debt collection agency will give you the opportunity to repay your debt. After this stage, the enforcement agents will attempt to recover high-value goods that they can sell at a public auction to repay your debt. They can take any assets that you leave outside of your property and will ask to enter your home to take an inventory of your possessions.

Do not let the debt collection process escalate to this stage. Contact our team for free debt help on 0330 122 8447.

Capquest knocking on doors

What rights do I have if Capquest debt recovery send enforcement agents?

Receiving a visit from bailiffs can be a frightening experience. The typical bailiff is a man of quite a large stature. While the government have improved some of the practices in the debt collection industry, many of the processes still seem to involve the tactic of intimidation.

If you receive a bailiff visit from Capquest debt recovery, you have the following rights:

  • The enforcement agents can’t visit between 9 pm and 6 am.
  • Bailiffs can’t speak your family, friends, neighbours or third parties about your financial situation due to the data protection act.
  • Bailiffs can’t force entry into your home unless they are collecting specific types of debt, such as criminal fines. Even in these cases, they will typically use a locksmith rather than breaking down the door.
  • You can ask to see ID and proof of the debt they are collecting.
  • You don’t have to let them enter your house, but you may have to pay additional charges for each visit they make to collect your debt, which can add to your financial problem.
  • They can’t make false threats or pretend to have powers that they do not have by law, for example, by pretending to have official documents from the courts.
  • They should not make you feel like a victim of harassment.

Sadly collection agencies typically care more about their results than your health and wellbeing needs.

If you need support to deal with Capquest debt recovery, you can get in touch with a member of our team by clicking ‘Get Started For Free’. We’ll do our best to guide you.

How can I contact Capquest debt recovery?

If you are comfortable contacting Capquest Investments Limited directly, you can do so through the following channels:

I’m unhappy with Capquest debt recovery – can I complain?

Yes. In the first instance, you should raise your complaint directly with Capquest debt recovery in one of the following ways:

  • Phone number: 0333 999 7217
  • Post: Capquest Group, Capella Building, 60 York Street, Glasgow, G2 8JX
  • Email:

Remember to keep a copy of any documents that you send to Capquest debt recovery. You’ll also need to include your customer reference on all correspondence.

I’m not happy with how Capquest debt recovery responded to my complaint.

If you are not happy with Capquest’s final response, there are three bodies that you can reach out to for assistance with your problems.

Companies in the Arrow Global Group are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. That means if you are unhappy with how Capquest debt recovery respond to your complaint, you can escalate it to the Financial Ombudsman (FOS). The OFT is no longer involved in this process. You can contact the FOS through the following channels:

  • Speak to their phone operators: 0800 023 4567 (free to call from a landline or mobile phone)
  • Send them a letter: The Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS), Exchange Tower, London, E14 9SR.
  • Submit complaints online:

If your complaint relates to a data protection matter, then you can contact the Information Commissioner’s Office.

You can also contact the Credit Services Association for debts that are not covered by the Consumer Credit Act legislation.

Do Capquest debt recovery have a good reputation?

At the time of writing, Capquest debt recovery have a poor score of 1.9 out of five on Trustpilot, which captures independent customer reviews.

The negative feedback mentions rude staff, bullying tactics, chasing debts that are too old to recover, chasing the wrong people and other negative aspects. A simple Google search unearths numerous posts and more than one article about the negative experiences others have had with Capquest.

Is my debt too old for Capquest debt recovery to collect?

The Limitation Act 1980 specifies the deadlines that a debt collections agency or other creditor has to collect payments before the debt is no longer enforceable. In England and Wales this is typically six years for most types of consumer debts that are subject to a credit agreement. If you have not acknowledged your account for six years, you have not made debt payments in this period or received notice of court claims for your debt, then it becomes statute barred and the collectors may not be able to pursue it.

THREE bailiffs

Is there a way to get rid of my debt with Capquest debt recovery?

Capquest are unlikely to forget about the balance you owe them because they use sophisticated computer systems to track what debtors owe them. Their staff may also receive a bonus based on the amount of money they collect, so they tend to be persistent.

In certain conditions you may be able to write off some of your debts with Cap quest. If you owe more than £5,000 in unsecured debt to two or more creditors, then you may be eligible for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). An IVA consolidates your debts into an affordable monthly payment that you make for around five years. After this stage, your creditors, if they accept the IVA proposal, will write off any remaining account balance.

The total balance of your debt accounts can include overdrafts, unpaid cards, or even an overdue bill.

To explore if an IVA is the right solution for your situation, you can read our articles about IVAs in the table of contents, and click ‘Get Started For Free’. Our team will be happy to answer your questions and share their knowledge of the debt industry with you.

What if I have a question about the money Capquest debt recovery are chasing me for?

The quickest way to resolve a query or set of questions with Capquest debt recovery is to call them on 0333 999 7200. You can see the rest of your contact options on their website at

Where can I get free support with my debt?

There are a number of organisations that offer debt collection guidance such as the Citizens Advice Bureau, but it can be challenging to know who to trust.

At IVA Online, we have years of experience in dealing with debt collection agencies like Capquest debt recovery. We understand the tactics and tricks that they use and the guidelines they have to follow. We dedicate our time to helping people dealing with financial issues to turn their lives around and get control back.

It’s a sad fact that millions of people around the world find themselves in difficulty with finances. This situation can be full of fear, and a debtor may often think that there is nothing in their power to do. The good news is that with the right support, there is often a lot that you can do, no matter what your circumstances are.

We often receive a message of thanks from the people we have helped to point in the right direction. They tell us that we helped to give them the strength to get through the tough times.

If you’d appreciate our support with your creditors, contact one of our experienced advisors by making a phone call to 0330 122 8447 or click ‘Get Started For Free’ at the top of this page.

Where are Capquest debt recovery based?

Capquest have registered offices in Manchester and other sites in the UK. For example they have an office on a road in Farnborough, GU14 6FE.

I’ve overpaid my debt with Capquest debt recovery

It’s standard practice for a debt collection agency (DCA) to organise a refund on your account if you have been in a position where you have overpaid. In the case of Capquest, they sometimes add an interest rate as a goodwill gesture to the money you receive back.

If you believe Capquest owe you money then call someone in their customer service line at 0333 999 8019, Make sure you have a note of your account numbers and customer reference number to hand.


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