Do you owe money to Lowell Financial Ltd?

If you have debts of over £5000, you may be able to write off your debt with an IVA

What is Lowell Financial Ltd?

Lowell Financial are debt collectors that are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). They are based in Leeds and collect debts across the UK, on behalf of companies, including banks, utility companies, retailers and others. They are part of a group of companies that offers a range of credit management services.

They are a member of the Credit Services Association (CSA), and comply with its strict Code of Practice.

If you’re worried about messages that you have received from Lowell Financial Ltd then you can call us on 0330 122 8447 or click ‘Get Started For Free’, and we’ll do our best to connect you with free debt advice and support. No matter what your financial circumstances are, there is always a way to improve your situation.

Are Lowell Financial a genuine company?

Yes, Lowell Financial are legitimate debt collectors who are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. One way for you to check this is by searching the databases for Companies House and the FCA.

The company’s official information is:

  • Company Number: 4558936
  • Registered Office Address: Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB

If you are dealing with Lowell, you may also come across the company name Lowell Portfolio I Ltd, which is the business that buys debts from other companies. Lowell Financial Ltd then manages these debts. The official company details for Lowell Portfolio I Ltd are:

  • Company Number: 4857418 
  • Registered Office Address: Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB (the two companies both use this address for official purposes.

Lowell Portfolio is also authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.


What types of debt do Lowell Financial collect?

If Lowell Financial Ltd are chasing you, then it’s likely that you have one or more of the following types of debt, which they collect:

  • Utility bills such as water, gas and electric
  • Credit card debt
  • Unpaid overdrafts
  • Overdue phone bills
  • Delinquent loans
  • Store cards

They work with creditors in many different sectors to collect their debts, and their business model is to buy the debt portfolio for far less than the money they can collect from the debts, minus the cost of the collection process. They then work hard to find a way to get you to repay the money.

What about Lowell Solicitors?

If you don’t come to an agreement with Lowell Financial Ltd then they may pass your debt onto their legal firm; Lowell Solicitors.

If Lowell pass on your case in this way, it typically means that arrangements are becoming more serious and you can expect legal action through the courts.

If you need to contact the solicitors directly, their contact details are:

  • Phone: 0113 335 3334
  • Email:

Can Lowell take me to court?

Yes. If you don’t communicate with Lowell Financial Ltd, then they may transfer your case to Lowell Solicitors Limited. This company manages legal matters for the Lowell Group. At this stage, Lowell Financial Ltd is no longer dealing with your account and the only way to proceed is to communicate with the solicitor firm.

Lowell Solicitors will first send you a ‘letter of claim’ explaining that they have taken on your account, and you now have 30 days to repay your debt in full or come to another agreement with Lowell Solicitors before they take you to court.

If you fail to make an agreement, then Lowell Solicitors will seek a court order. The legal steps you are likely to experience are:

1) You’ll receive a County Court Claim Pack about your debt that asks you to claim your debt and either repay it or to exercise your rights to ask for additional time to make repayments. If the debt does not belong to you then you also have the option to dispute it, but this is a very late stage of the debt collection process to do that, so you must have clear evidence that the debt does not belong to you.

2) If you don’t respond to the County Court Claim Pack, or ask for too long to repay the debt, then you may receive a County Court Judgment (CCJ). The CCJ will stay on your credit report for the next six years unless you pay your debt in full within 30 days of the Court awarding it to Lowell Solicitors for your case.

Do not let your debt issues with Lowell Group escalate. Click ‘Get Started For Free’ now and our team at IVA Online will do everything in our power to help you to find a way to regain control of your financial situation.

I’ve received a letter about a charging order

If Lowell Group take you to court and win a court order, they can apply for a further order that secures your debt against your assets such as your home, known as a ‘charging order’. This situation is very serious as it can lead to them pursuing an ‘order for sale’ through the courts, which is a way for them to force you to sell your home so that they can recover your debt.

Do not let your situation escalate to this stage. Contact a debt advisor from IVA Online by calling 0330 122 8447, and they will do their best to point you in the right direction and connect you with free advice. With our experience in the industry, we are confident that we can help you to find a way forward.

Lowell Financial Debt Collectors

Can Lowell send bailiffs?

Yes. If Lowell secure a court order, then they may decide to take enforcement action against you in the form of visits from bailiffs, who are also known as enforcement officers.

If you receive a visit from a bailiff, then you have the following rights:

  • They can only visit between 6 am and 9 pm.
  • They can not enter your property if no adults are present.
  • They can not force entry unless it’s a last resort when they are collecting particular types of debt such as income tax, stamp duty and criminal fines.
  • You have a right to see their ID and confirmation of who they are representing. You don’t need to open the door to do this. You can ask them to show you documentation through a window.
  • The bailiffs can not discuss the details of your debt within anyone except you, in accordance with the Data Protection Act.
  • If you decide to let the bailiffs into your property, then they can not seize certain essential items such as bedding, kitchen appliances, things that do not belong to you (but you must prove this is the case), or items that are essentials for your work, up to a specific value.
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic bailiffs had to limit their activities while families were dealing with exceptional financial and health pressures.

We recommend that you do not let bailiffs into your property to avoid them taking your assets. If you call us immediately on 0330 122 8447, we’ll do our best to deal with them for you and to take away some of the worry.

Can enforcement agents break down my door?

No. In normal circumstances, bailiffs, or enforcement agents are not allowed to enter your property without your permission.

If they are collecting for HMRC or money linked to criminal fines, then they do have powers to enter properties using ‘reasonable force’. In most cases, this involves entering through an open window or using the services of a locksmith to gain entry.

Can Lowell harass me?

The people who approach us for support and guidance often mention that they feel harassed, and in some cases, bullied by collection agencies. You should not have to deal with this type of treatment. The law is now tighter around what tactics these companies can use, but sadly a lot of their approaches still seem to rely on intimidation to get people to pay.

The company are only allowed to call you a ‘reasonable’ number of times in any given day, but it’s very much open to interpretation what this really means.

You are well within your rights to insist that any collection agencies only communicate with you in writing, which can be less disruptive and stressful. However, do not ignore these letters because the collectors’ actions will escalate, and you may find yourself facing extra fees and court action in the process.

If you need support, you can click on ‘Get Started For Free’ or look at the other helpful content listed in the table of contents.

Lowell Bailiffs

How can I get in touch with Lowell Financial Ltd?

If Lowell Financial Ltd are chasing you for money, the first step is to make sure that the debt relates to you, and not to someone who previously lived at your address.

If you recognise the debt as your own, then in the first instance we recommend that you get in contact with a debt expert on our team, who can explore whether it makes sense for our team at IVA Online to deal with the company on your behalf.

If you would prefer to contact Lowell Financial directly, then the best contact information to use is as follows:

  • Phone number: 0333 556 5550
  • Email: None listed
  • Address: PO Box 1411 Northampton NN2 1BQ
  • Registered office address: Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB
  • Online enquiry form: Available at
  • Register for an online account: Available at (keep a record of your Lowell log in information for future visits)

How can I get Lowell Financial off my back, so they stop chasing me?

Debt collectors like Lowell Financial use sophisticated technology systems that allow them to keep track of every single debtor, so it’s very unlikely that they will forget about your debt. The best ways to stop Lowell Financial from chasing you are:

  • To repay your debt in full if you are able to.
  • To agree to a repayment plan with them if you have the finances to do this.
  • To find another debt solution, such as an IVA, which makes your debts more affordable. To check if an IVA is a suitable option for you, click ‘Get Started For Free’ and see what options are available to you.

The worst thing you can do in this situation is to ignore letters and other forms of communication from Lowell Financial.

How can I pay Lowell Financial?

First of all, check that the debt does relate to a creditor that you owe money to, and is an amount that you recognise. If you feel overwhelmed by debt and owe multiple creditors a total of more than £5,000 of unsecured debt, then you may qualify for an Individual Voluntary Arrangement, also known as an IVA. To find out more, you can click ‘Get Started for Free’, and we’ll walk you through the process and your options.

If you have the financial ability to repay Lowell, then this is likely to be the easiest way to stop them from chasing you. You can pay off your debt with Lowell Financial using the following methods:

  • Lump-sum payment
  • Payment plan, which Lowell Financial would need to approve. Customers have access to a budget calculator to calculate what debt payment plan amount will work within their budget. For example, you can check that your debt repayment plans allow you to have sufficient money for your household bills.
  • Direct debit
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Debit card
  • Cheque made payable to Lowell Financial.

You can make a payment online or call Lowell Financial on 0333 556 5550.

Can I make additional payments to my debt if I have a debt payment plan with Lowell Financial?

Yes, Lowell Financial allow you to make additional debt repayments at any time without impacting your agreed debt repayment plan. Making further instalments will repay your debt balance sooner.

Can I trust Lowell Group?

When you’re dealing with debt collectors, it isn’t easy to find a company that you can trust. Typically debt collection agencies are purely focussed on the amount of money that they can recoup rather than the needs of their debtors.

At the time of writing, Lowell Group have a couple of profiles on Trustpilot, which is a website that collects independent reviews from customers. The first profile has a poor score of 2.2. out of five and the other has an average score of 3.4 out of five. The comments from debt customers include stories of bullying, harassment and disputes, but there are a few positive reviews as well.

How can I be sure if Lowell Financial is a legitimate company?

You can check the official information for Lowell Financial at Companies House under their registration number 4558936. You can see details of the company directors, the company accounts and the company registered office address which is Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds, LS10 1AB.

I’ve been treated badly by Lowell Financial Ltd and need to make a complaint

Sadly, we hear from many customers who are not happy with the way that debt collectors have treated them. In the first instance you’ll need to raise your complaint directly with Lowell Group through the following channels:

Suppose you’re unhappy with how Lowell Group respond to your complaint. In that case, you can escalate it further because Lowell Financial Ltd are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. You can forward your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) in the following ways:

Remember to keep a copy of any correspondence that you send to Lowell Group or to the FOS about your complaint.

Lowell Debt Collection

Where can I go for free advice about my debt?

At IVA Online, we help to connect individuals who feel overwhelmed or in a crisis with debt, with free and independent debt support. Our employees have a great deal of knowledge on various debt solutions, and they love to help people get their life back on track after struggling under debt pressures.

We treat everyone who approaches us with respect, and we love reading the messages of thanks and positive feedback that we receive from our clients.

If you are dealing with stress and worry related to the money you owe, remember there are lots of options as long as you find the right sources of support. Our team at IVA Online are at hand to help you and your family to find the best way of dealing with your financial problems.

How do I calculate what repayments I can afford with Lowell Group?

Lowell Group provide a budget calculator on a page within their online portal which enables you to calculate your total income and monthly costs and other upcoming planned expenditure, so that you can see what you have available.

If you have debt repayments for Lowell Group and over forms of credit such as a loan, it’s easy to become overwhelmed and find that you don’t have sufficient funds to make acceptable payments. In these cases, you could consider the services of an IVA company who can work with your lenders to come to an agreement on how much you are able to repay. The IVA request that your Insolvency Practitioner makes has to convince your creditors that this is their best chance of making a profit, or at least recovering some money on your account.

To see if an IVA is a suitable option for you, click on ‘Get Started For Free’ at the top of the page. Our team at IVA Online are here to help guide you and answer questions about anything related to IVAs.

Will Lowell Group add additional interest, fees and charges to my account?

Their website claims that they do not charge interest if you work with them to repay the money you owe. However, if you account passes to the solicitor firm in the group, then you are likely to incur fees and charges.

Does having an account in collection proceedings affect my credit rating?

By the time that Lowell Group have gone through a debt purchase process, your initial creditor, the company you originally owed money to, is likely to have registered a default notice on your credit report. The default reflects the fact that you have not met the terms of a credit agreement.

As debt cases escalate, it’s common for collectors to resort to litigation to secure more powers to recoup your money, which will have a further impact. For example, if Lowell Group want legal permission to take money directly from your wages to repay the money you owe, then they would initially apply for a CCJ. The CCJ stays on your credit file for six years unless you repay it in full within 30 days. Once the court grants the CCJ, Lowell Group can then apply for an Attachment of Earnings Order. This order gives them powers to ask your employer to send them money directly from your salary before you receive the payment method, which significantly improves their chances of getting paid.

Should I consider bankruptcy?

If your debts with Lowell Group are more than you can afford then bankruptcy is an option that you can consider. However, it’s essential to understand the implications if you decide to declare bankruptcy, and to consider other options available to you, such as an IVA, before deciding which approach is the best option for you. Our team are happy to discuss this question with you over the phone as you do your research, or you can find out more about IVAs by clicking on ‘Get Started For Free’.

In summary, bankruptcy and an IVA are both options to clear your debt through an insolvency process, but they have different implications, including:

  • With bankruptcy, you are likely to have to sell your house if you have equity in it, but with an IVA you may only have to remortgage it.
  • With bankruptcy, you often have to sell your car unless it’s not worth much and is essential to your work. Usually, with an IVA, you can keep a vehicle of moderate value.

You can find out more about different options and frequently asked questions (FAQs) in the navigation of this website.

Is there a way for me to write off my debts with Lowell?

It’s possible. If you owe more than £5,000 in unsecured debts, then you may qualify for an IVA.

An IVA is a legally- binding, financial arrangement in which an Insolvency Practitioner would help you to come to a repayment agreement with your lenders. An IVA usually lasts for five years and sees you paying an affordable monthly payment, with some portion of the amount you owe being entirely written off by your creditors. You can see if this is the right solution for your situation by clicking ‘Get Started For Free’.

Is Lowell a debt collector?

Yes Lowell operate as a debt collection agency in England and Wales. If you’ve received debt letter, a visit or a call from Lowell then it likely because they have bought a debt portfolio from a company that you owe money to and they are now chasing you to organise repayment.

Don’t ignore their communications as your situation will likely escalate. Feel free to contact our team at IVA Online, and we’ll guide you on what actions you can consider next, and we may be able to deal with Lowell Financial on your behalf. We have years of practice in dealing with collectors such as Lowell Financial and we are very familiar with the tactics they use and the complaints this leads to from consumers.

What if I don’t owe Lowell the money they are chasing me for?

It’s not unusual to receive letters about debts that belong to previous residents at your address, or even for family members who have given your address. If you find yourself in this situation, it’s essential to act quickly. Contact the collectors and let them know they are chasing the wrong person. They may ask you to prove your identity before agreeing to remove your details from their collection database.

Do Lowell Financial collect debt for HMRC?

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) use a number of debt collectors to help them to recover tax debt, but Lowell Financial is not currently one of the nominated debt agencies.

Is Lowell Financial regulated?

Yes Lowell Financial and Lowell Portfolio both come under the regulation of the Financial Conduct Authority and are listed with Companies House in England and Wales.

Each company has its registered offices at Ellington House, 9 Savannah Way, Leeds Valley Park, Leeds, West Yorkshire LS10 1AB.

What resources are available to help me deal with Lowell?

One of the key features of this site is the free resources you can access at ‘Get Started For Free’. Alternatively you can have a voice call with a person on the IVA Online team on 0330 122 8447. We work with a range of third party IVA companies. Our independence means that we can connect you with the best option for your specific circumstances which sees you repaying the minimum amount of money that is possible.

The best times to get in touch are when you are right at the start of your consumer debt collection journey. At this stage, you have a lot of options. As time progresses, the collection process will become more stressful, and you may find that visitors from Lowell Financial come to your home. Let’s connect before it goes that far.

Where are Lowell Group based?

Lowell Financial have a registered office address in Leeds as does the Lowell Portfolio business. The Lowell solicitor company have a presence in a different part of Leeds, as well as an office in Bradford.


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