IVA Companies

What is the best IVA company?

It is important that you choose the best free IVA company for you. Different IVA companies have different qualities. At IVA Online we use a very strict criteria when picking our panel of IVA companies. All of these companies will receive your enquiry, depending on the information you enter into the IVA Calculator.

Free IVA Calculator

For example, if you have over £20,000 worth of debt and you are in Scotland; you would be placed with a Scottish Trust Deed company who specialise in debts of £20,000 or above. Try our IVA company checker and see where it takes you!

IVA Companies

When IVA Online was created, it was for the purpose of changing the way in which somebody takes out an IVA. In the past, you would have to set a home appointment with an Insolvency Practitioner or go into their offices. In the Internet age, this is not necessary. You can avoid any embarrassment, hassle and keep your financial affairs 100% confidential at all times. Guaranteed. When we pick out which IVA companies to feature on our panel we set minimum standards. We look for certain qualities at the Insolvency Practitioners to ensure that you get a truly online experience. Here are some of the minimum standards we look for:

  • 100% confidential – We understand your privacy is very important. We understand that you may not always want other people to know about your debt issues (including your family). We make sure that all advisors are empathetic and set their privacy standards as high as possible.
  • Online – We are an online company. This means no letters through the door, no home visits, no office visits. You can apply for your IVA online and provide all documents by email, Whatsapp or picture message if you please.
  • Highly reviewed – We will not work with any company which has bad online reviews, no matter what their excuse may be.
  • Top 10 – We only work with the top 10 IVA Practitioners offices in the UK. These have all been open for a very long time and have got the customer experience journey perfected.

Ask Others for Advice

Before you settle with any particular IVA company by yourself, it is important that you carry out a little further research. If you haven’t already been through the IVA procedure, it is important that you make an effort to ask those who have. Enquire into success stories of friends, colleagues or family members. If you can, ask someone who has already managed to find a reliable company to find one for you, or guide you in the right direction.

IVA Companies to Avoid

If you are concerned with an IVA company and how they are going to deal with you, simply do not proceed with them! Contact us for the latest updates when you are picking your IVA company. We will make sure we place you with a company that completely suits you.

Free IVA Companies

IVA Online works with a  network of IVA companies, to ensure you do not pay any upfront IVA costs.

Every single IVA company will charge a fee. This fee is to pay the Insolvency Practitioner (IP) who will not work for free, as much as we wish they would! The fee is deducted out of your monthly payments and is usually capped at quite a low level.

This is true of debt “charities”, such as Step Change and Money Advice Service. IVA fees can vary and you may find that the fees that you will have to pay by using a “free” service such as Step Change work out to be a whole lot more than if you were to source your IP yourself.

It is crucial that you do not stop looking before you are certain that you wish to commit. Before settling with a particular company, make an effort to list the number provided by all other companies you have identified, before making calls and enquiries into all services available to you.

Free IVA Calculator