The IVA Application Process

At, we specialise in eliminating the stress out of the IVA application process and this is done free of charge. By instituting the strength of every application from the very outset of the application process, each IVA application is given the very best likelihood of being accepted by the creditors.

Presently, our acceptance rate from IVA is at 95 percent and this is an indication that we are in the highest echelon of IVA providers. When the application process gets under way and there has been a submission by the applicant, the gathering process of all the relevant documentation will begin. This ushers the application process into its drafting stage in which the IVA drafter prepares the proposal, which is then finalised to be presented to the creditors.

Creditors will be given notice about the IVA proposal in about 3 weeks after the start of the application process and a creditors meeting will be set up. This stage is often considered as the most difficult stage of the process by applicants, given that they have to wait and see whether the proposal will be accepted. However, it is unfortunately a necessary component of the application process, since the creditors have to be given a notice period of a minimum of 14 days before the creditors meeting can be set up.

Another distinct advantage of using to do your IVA application is the fact that we can talk to creditors during this period, keeping them abreast of the progress of your IVA application, which cuts down the risk of tensions which may otherwise develop between the creditors and IVA applicant.

The IVA application is successful when we receive acceptance from creditors who own in excess of 75 percent of the debt. In the event that this is achieved, the IVA application is deemed successful and all of the creditors become legally bound by this IVA, even the ones who voted against it.

Given that IVAs are continually being proposed by, we are aware of what creditors are looking for. This allows us to ensure that the expectations of the creditors are made clear before the beginning of the IVA application and this attention to details put us in the position to produce the high standards that we deliver to our clients.

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